1000 years of peace; Evolution from 3D to 5D Consciousness

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

As we enter April of 2020 we overlook a landscape that is completely unrecognizable and foreign to us. Our social distancing efforts have led us into isolation, away from our fellow brothers and sisters for the good of humanity following the spread of Covid-19. We are unaware from our homes, exactly how bad things are... or aren't as we look onward into an endless stream of media statistics and death tolls. And yet, with all of this fear and uncertainty in the air, many of us are feeling at peace and optimistic about the future. It was slow at first, little shifts in our awareness, old paradigms stopped fitting. Gravitating towards embracing our spirituality and following our soul's wisdom. Star Seeds, Light Workers and Indigo Children all started to wake up. Slowly attuning to WHY we agreed to answer the call and help the planetary shift from 3rd dimensional consciousness to the 5th Dimension. Could this be the great awakening story we have been told for generations?

As our Earth makes the transition from 3D to 5D we need to know what it is that is changing. With the ascension, we are shifting dimensions or states of consciousness and not so much a physical place. The 3D world is ruled by duality, light and dark, good and bad. In 3D consciousness we are rooted in personal gain and materialism. We see ourselves as separate from the divine and have forgotten the divinity within us. This dimension is also fixed in an ever cycling wheel of Karma, cause and effect. We incarnate here for lessons, a consciousness training ground of sorts. There is a power struggle on our planet rooted deeply in this 3rd Dimension and many of us are seeing the disturbing things that have gone on in the shadows. It can be hard to believe we are moving forward at all. But what if I told you the scales have already tipped in our favour and the light was already winning. Many may not believe this as we are seeing fear, poverty, cruelty and division everywhere we look. What happens when you turn on the lights? Everything that existed, covered in a cloak of darkness is revealed. In the coming weeks, when the evil in this world begins to be exposed, please remember this and avoid the fear that can consume us. Avoid becoming angry, hateful and spiteful, these are low frequencies and will not help our cause in ascension. Instead shine your light brighter, be a beacon for others as they figure out how to process and recover from this. In order to leave our 3D world behind we have to let go of our karmic debts and release fear, these are the 2 most important things to focus on now.

The Universe has several energy points, much the same as our body's energy points we call chakras. Our Earth happens to be located along one of the main and most significant of these points in our Universe. By altering this nucleus (Earth), we have the potential to alter the entire universe. What happens to humanity affects the entire cosmos and eventually ripples out to the galaxy. Not only are we energetically linked to the universe and have much impact on it but we also have a complex magnetic grid within the Earth itself. Examples of this are our Ley lines. Some of the world's most important sites like Chichen Itza, the Great Pyramids of Giza, Stonehenge and the Great Wall of China all sit on these magnetic lines Now here's where things get interesting, your DNA is also magnetic, and therefore responds to the grid! We are also finding out that this magnetic grid also responds to us. As our consciousness and awareness grows, humans are able to harness the grid which has aided in our acceleration especially in the area of science. With this new energy, we are starting to see our science acknowledge the existence of multiverses, dimensions and the disillusionment of time.

With this shift we are advised that many people will choose to stay in the heavier 3D density and will not experience the ascension. Imagine the old earth to new earth process much the same as a cell division. The holographic nature of our universe, will allow the 2 Earths to be superimposed and people will be living alternate realities. The people living in higher realms of consciousness will feel an overall sense of well being while those individuals unable to shift their frequency will be left behind continuing to experience the pain and pleasure of the karmic energy cycle. This shift has been estimated to have begun in 2017 meaning many of us are already living in the 4th dimension.

4th Dimension

The fourth dimension is often referred to as the astral realm. This is our dream state at night. Our ancestors and shamans access this realm to retrieve profound knowledge. The energy of the individual accessing this realm has a dramatic affect on their experience while there. The 4th dimension is thought to be the in-between tunnel or portal from 3D to 5D. Not unlike 3D, the 4th dimension is a thought-formed reality. However, due to its higher frequency and closer proximity to Source, things are manifested much faster, in fact, it is almost instantaneous. Although we are making our way through the ascension process, the end goal is not 4D. Using this portal to get to 5D is the final destination. Traditionally on our Earth there is a 400 year period in this portal however the energy on our planet has shifted to a rate that will only require approximately 10 years since the start of the ascension (2017).

Signs You are ascending to 4D

Synchronicity you are seeing repeating numbers, thinking about something and it happens, seeing symbols and feelings of being in the right place at the right time are just a few.

Time You are starting to take notice of time speeding up and then slowing down repeatedly. You may even begin to start questioning if time is real at all.

Vivid Dreams At this time your dreams will become more intense. These dreams can be full of beauty and love or be absolutely terrifying. Doing meditation or some sort of energy exchange to boost your vibration before sleep can help you have achieve a more positive dream state.

Visual and Hearing Disturbances You may begin to notice there is more pressure in your ears and they may start ringing or buzzing. Be aware that you may also notice things out of the corner of your eye more frequently. Waking up from sleep and seeing strange figures or images is also common.

Clear Knowing Often during ascension, you will start to just know things you didn't before. Things like when people don't have your best interest at heart or which choices you should make that are best for you can start to become clear. You won't know how you know but answers will come easily to you. You are starting to really be in tune with your intuition.

Finding your tribe People will start to drop into your life, out of nowhere that are perfectly in sync with you. You will share similar spiritual beliefs, become very close very quickly and often have opposing strengths and weaknesses which help you prosper from one another. These individuals are your soul family and have likely been in your life for many lifetimes.

Instant Manifestation What you think becomes reality very quickly in 4D. You may have started to notice this already. Thought power is magnified at this stage.

New Paradigm The old social norms may not be fitting for you any longer. You may be questioning your obligations, religious practices, rules and other commitments.

Meditation and personal growth At this time you may be inclined to take some time alone to meditate or commit to a yoga practice. Solitude and connection with the divine may be desired.

Forgiveness This is a wonderful thing you may be experiencing. Forgiveness may come easier to you at this time. Less desire to hold grudges and more focus on letting things go. You may even be called to heal past relationships that have continued to weigh heavily on your shoulders.

Nausea As the energies are upgraded around us and our vibration fluctuates some people may feel nausea, similar to motion sickness.

Cold and Flu symptoms Purging heavy Karma can leave us feeling weak, achy and even manifest as colds and flu.

Ascending to the 5th Dimension

Earth is not new to 5D, she's been here before. You may have even experienced it in a past life. During the time of Atlantis, which reigned between 35 thousand and 15 thousand years ago, humans were fully psychic, multidimensional beings who could view the outcomes of their actions beforehand. They were able to read probable futures based on actions in the present moment. These abilities are still carried within you. However, it has been largely shut down on the genetic level. As we upgrade our genetic code passing through 4D, we will begin to open these pathways up again. We are quickly moving towards a 5D world, the bible called this the 1,000 years of peace. As mentioned previously, we should reach this final destination, the golden age, in the year 2027. This golden age will bring about a time of peace, redistribution of wealth for all and honest governments that truly care for the well being of its citizens. The most exciting and desperately needed upgrade we will receive in 5D is the activation of our DNA. Electromagnetic stimulation is what will be allowing this activation resulting in our genetics to be switched on. As this attunement occurs, there will be more physical ailments present.

5D Ascension Symptoms

• Head pressure and headaches

• Extreme fatigue


• dizziness, feeling out of sorts, clumsiness

• forgetfulness and irritability

• sleeplessness and sleep disturbances

• joint pain, muscle pain and cramps, body aches, tingling in the body

• diarrhea and skin rashes

• feelings of being in a dream

• trouble concentrating, feelings of not enough time

• feelings of standing up or moving too quickly that create vertigo

• Seeing multidimensional energies, i.e. colours, entities, matrices, numbers, symbol codes

• Seeing extraterrestrials both human and nonhuman in appearance

• Communicating with nature, animals and people that have passed on

These are my personal opinions and views. I believe we are transitioning as we speak. If my intuition is correct and there is a cleansing coming, that means the deepest most vile parts of our Earth must be revealed in order to ascend. Remember in those hard times when it is easier to judge and to experience anger and disgust, find compassion and forgiveness in your heart. We ALL incarnated on this earth to experience duality. According to this law, there must be one who is moral and one immoral, good and evil, a Victor and those vanquished in order to learn our lessons of Karma. You may also have been in those positions of power in other lifetimes. Now is the time to shed your Karma and secure your position in the higher consciousness realms. The most effective way to clear your Karmic debt is to practice radical forgiveness and compassion.

See you on the other side friends. Love and prosperity to you all.

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