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Balanced Duality: A contemporary guide to transmuting the darkness and amplifying your light

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Balancing duality is a concept that binds together opposing forces, much like a positive and negative poles of a magnet. Duality is the fundamental nature of our 3D world and consciousness, the cycle of life and death.

Our eternal being is bound to a physical body in which we remain imprisoned forcing us to abide by the natural law, duality. Ancient Ascended masters like Buddha, Shiva and Jesus have left us the key to thrive as multi-dimensional beings on a dual plane, and that key is balance. 

Before we can begin to dive into exploring the relationship of duality we should first define it. Duality refers to having two parts, often with opposite meanings, like the duality of good and evil. A beautiful Taoist visual representation of duality is the Yin Yang. The theory of Yin and Yang tells us that the whole natural universe is made up of two opposing forces that work in synergy as they ebb and flow harmoniously.

Yin represents the feminine, darkness, serenity, expansion, depth, cold and dampness. The moon and water are Yin elements.

Yang represents the masculine, encompassing light, mobility, height, contraction, heat and dryness. The sun and fire are Yang elements.

Although disregarding duality violates the natural laws of the universe we can reflect on how we ignore these laws persistently. We accept the good, the light but we find it challenging to embrace the shadows. We strive for abundance but when we hit a setback or failure we are unable to see the necessity and value in it to propel us forward. Happiness, Joy, pleasure, elation and prosperity are all temporary states of being just as much as anger, sadness, hurt and fear are also temporary. We chase the highs instead of accepting and embracing our lows. We push away any sense of displeasure leaving us out of balance, with many finding themselves with mental and physical ailments.

Yin deficiency PHYSICAL health symptoms include:

  • Dry skin, hair, throat and eyes

  • Night sweats and difficulty sleeping

  • Tight and aching muscles

Yin deficiency EMOTIONAL health symptoms include:

  • Irritable, unsettled and unable to relax

  • Feelings of frustration and anger

Yang deficiency PHYSICAL health symptoms include:

  • Lethargy and excessive tiredness

  • Low sexual libido

  • Coldness in the body, especially feet and hands

Yang deficiency EMOTIONAL health symptoms include:

  • Demotivated and a sense of hopelessness

  • Fearful and unable to cope

So what can we do? How can we harmonize our body and mind with the laws of duality? I have outlined some of the most effective techniques with minimum effort and maximum effectiveness. Experiment and find what works for you. It may be one of the exercises or you may feel compelled to incorporate them all. Maybe none of these will resonate with you at this time on your path and that is perfectly acceptable. Take what you need and leave the rest.


Practicing gratitude is easily one of the most simple and effective ways to bring your body back into balanced duality. Gratitude is a way for individuals to acknowledge what they have as opposed to burdening themselves with what they don't have. Gratitude switches your mindset from scarcity to abundance no matter what is going on around you. Just like a muscle, this mental awareness takes time to develop and strengthen.

Tibetan symbol for Gratitude

Thank someone (or something) mentally

Thanking someone, even just in your mind can go a long way when practicing gratitude. It can be done when someone does something nice for you or even when something turns out in your favour.

Keep a gratitude journal

Make it a habit to write down thoughts about the blessings you've received each day. reflecting on what went right or what you are grateful for. As you write, be specific and think about the sensations you felt when something good happened to you.


People who are religious can use prayer to cultivate gratitude.


Mindfulness meditation involves focusing on the present moment without judgment. Although people often focus on a word or phrase (such as "peace"), it is also possible to focus on what you're grateful for (the warmth of the sun, a pleasant sound, etc.).

Although we have focused on the positive aspects of our lives that cultivate gratitude, be aware that we should also send gratitude for the negative situations as those are often our greatest teachers. Without the hardships we would never be truly appreciative of our blessings.

Qi Gong

Qi Gong can be described as a mind-body-spirit practice that improves one's mental and physical health by integrating posture, movement, breathing technique, self-massage, sound, and focused intent. Qi (chi) is a Chinese word that describes the concept of our life-force or energy. Everything in the Universe is made up of Qi energy. Qi flows around your body, through the important energy channels or ‘meridians’ that connect all your vital organs.

If your Qi energy moves out of balance it can be to either of two extremes: yin or yang.


Grounding or earthing is a technique that is used to help root you energetically to the earth. The earth is full of subtle electrical pulses which aids in optimal health.

The most straightforward way to ground your body is to simply make contact with the ground on either the dirt or concrete, which is also conductive. Make a habit of slipping off your shoes and going for a stroll in a park or in your back yard. Gardening is also a great opportunity to ground. Swimming in a large body of water is an incredible way to consume mass amounts of positive earth energy.

Spooning is an incredibly fast and effective way to ground your body energetically. Spooning requires the use of a metal spoon on the bottoms of your feet. It establishes a strong electro-magnetic connection between the metal in your blood and the earth. In order to achieve the benefits of spooning, you will want to rub the spoon against your bare foot making figure eight and circular motions. Continue this for about a minute to establish adequate grounding.

Bring the outdoors indoors by adding plants to your home. Plants naturally give off positive energy and can ground you as you nurture them. Many houseplants have additional benefits like cleansing the air and they can help deter illness. Don't forget to send them gratitude and love for all they do for us.

As we've learned, it is not possible for things to be all good or all bad. Instead, we can opt to find beauty in the darkness. My hope is that you may find peace in these uncertain times that, although things seem dark, the light is surely just around the corner.

With Gratitude and Love,


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